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About Us

Amarillo Technologies is a London-based insurtech company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for insurers, brokers, and MGAs.

Led by insurance experts, we specialise in conceptualising and developing custom SaaS technology solutions that aim to digitise operations, increase efficiency, and drive profitability. Our team works in collaboration with a network of partners to develop, complement, and implement our technology products to maximise potential and deliver truly valuable solutions for our clients.


Our Mission is to empower the insurance industry to create better and more efficient working methods through digitalisation and automation of processes. By utilising data, we strive to free up resources and enable businesses to focus on value-add work.


Our Vision is to set new standards, ultimately shaping the way business is done.

Our Partnerships & Memberships

We have joined the MGAA to commit further to the insurance industry and stay at the forefront of industry developments. By being a part of the MGAA, Amarillo has the opportunity to network and collaborate with other industry leaders to improve services and support our clients. 


Amarillo Technologies have been working with Elevator to access developing skills and secure and innovative solutions. Our collaboration allows us to make our bespoke technology solutions a reality. 


As a member of ACORD, we have access to industry standards and best practices to ensure our technology and processes are up-to-date and compliant with industry standards. It allows us to connect with other industry players and the latest developments, providing valuable insights and opportunities for growth. 

"Over the last year, we have been collaborating with Amarillo on the software development of their first technology product, Fusion – a connection tool that will revolutionise how data is exchanged and visualised in the Delegated Authority market”.

Anton LeMercier

Founder & Technical Development Manager

Members of ther10 Partner Ecosystem.

As a member of the r10 Partner Ecosystem, we work with a network of carefully chosen partners who bring knowledge and proven solutions to the forefront of our clients' digital transformation journey. We can collaborate with other industry leaders, providing clients with a one-stop-shop of powerful products and services that are greater than the sum of their parts. This allows us to break down silos and achieve genuine collaboration, driving growth and success for our clients. 


"I believe in finding solutions, not just identifying problems. That's why I joined Amarillo's vision to create solutions that eradicate the issues I saw in my previous roles alongside a talented team passionate about change.” 


Zoe Steele, Managing Director 

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