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Fusion is a mission-driven SaaS offering designed to revolutionise the way data is captured, analysed, and visualised in the insurance market.


Utilising the Blazor web framework and Microsoft Azure, Fusion provides improved data management and reporting with flexibility, speed, and security. Designed with user experience in mind, it makes processes easier, more secure, and more efficient. Key features include data validation, secure storage, data visualisation, and easy exporting.


With Fusion, data is validated earlier in the process, reducing the time to resolve issues and in addition manual effort. Data is stored securely on Microsoft Azure with automatic encryption.


The visualisation capabilities allow for real-time understanding which will support in making informed decisions.


Fusion seamlessly exports to other reporting tools and connects and analyses bordereau and statement of value (SoV) information to create and visualise meaningful data. The Fusion API makes it easy to implement application integration in alignment with industry standards.


Ensure data accuracy and integrity by validating data early in the process.


Keep your data safe and secure with automatic encryption and industry-standard storage on Microsoft Azure.


Understand your data in real-time to make informed decisions with intuitive data visualisation capabilities.


Fusion enables you to work faster and smarter - capture the data at source, via a secure, consistent and standardised approach.


Seamlessly export data to other reporting tools and generate reports.


Fusion connects and analyses bordereau and statement of value information, when exchanged between insurance parties, to help with the creation and visualisation of meaningful data.


Stay ahead of the curve with real-time reporting capabilities allowing you to map and analyse data.


Easily integrate Fusion into your existing systems with a powerful API platform.

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