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Amarillo Technologies Supports Lloyd's Blueprint Two Solutions.

Digital transformation is an essential aspect of the insurance industry's future success. At Amarillo Technologies, we recognise the importance of supporting our customers through this process. As a leading provider of technology solutions for the insurance industry, we are committed to taking all the necessary steps to provide confidence and support to our customers through the transition to new digital central services developed under Lloyd's Blueprint Two.

The insurance industry is in the midst of a transformational shift towards digitalisation. Implementing Lloyd's Blueprint Two represents a significant step forward in this process. Amarillo Technologies is well-positioned to support this transition as a provider of technology solutions to the insurance industry.


Amarillo's Managing Director, Zoe Steele, said:

"We are committed to working closely with our customers to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the new central services. This includes ensuring that our technology product, Fusion, is fully integrated with the new digital central services, and that our customers can take full advantage of the benefits of digitalisation."


At Amarillo Technologies, we believe that the introduction and implementation of Lloyd's Blueprint Two represents a major step forward in digitalisation for the insurance industry. We are excited about this initiative's potential and committed to supporting it in every way possible. We look forward to working closely with our customers to ensure a successful transition to the new central services and to help them realise the full benefits of digital innovation in insurance.


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