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Streamlining Data Integration for a Non-API Enabled Insurance Client.



Amarillo Technologies was approached by an insurance client with multiple years of bordereaux data in varying formats and qualities across multiple contracts. The client was not API-enabled, which posed challenges to the integration of their data into Amarillo's data connectivity tool, Fusion.


The biggest challenges faced by Amarillo in this proof-of-concept (POC) project were:

  • Inconsistent and poor-quality data provided by the client

  • Extra time and manual effort required to move data from A-B

  • The lack of client interest in moving to an API approach

How Amarillo Technologies helped:

To overcome these challenges, Amarillo took the following steps:

  • Conducted a manual process review and produced process maps

  • Reached out to the client's current vendors to explore opportunities for API integration from their systems to reduce manual effort

  • Assessed the client's coverholders to identify those providing good data and explored their API capabilities to streamline data providers

  • Evaluated the compatibility of data fields with Fusion and the upstream system for seamless payload ingestion

  • Manually uploaded the bordereaux into Fusion via a spreadsheet upload tool

  • Taught Fusion Drive how to read incoming bordereaux data



Amarillo was able to successfully integrate the client's data into Fusion using a combination of manual effort and API integration from third-party vendors and coverholders. By streamlining the data integration process, Amarillo enabled the client to leverage the benefits of our Delegated Authority platform, including improved customer experience, increased efficiency, better risk assessment, and increased agility.

Overall, the successful completion of this POC project demonstrated Amarillo's ability to overcome challenges and deliver effective solutions to clients with diverse data integration needs.


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