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Consolidating a Reinsurer's Delegated Authority and Treaty Book.



A US-based Reinsurer engaged Amarillo Technologies to consolidate their delegated portfolio data into a single, consistent dataset. The client was currently completing this task manually without a system.


The client's delegated portfolio included both Binding Authorities and Treaties, which were being consolidated manually, resulting in a significant overhead from a time spent perspective. There was also a risk of human errors leading to incorrect data storage.

How Amarillo Technologies helped:

After a thorough review of the client's current systems and processes by partner r10 Consulting, Amarillo proposed using their data connectivity tool, Fusion, to store, validate, and convert incoming spreadsheet data into a consistent dataset for downstream consumption. Amarillo also advised the client to create a data warehouse to consolidate their portfolio data and helped them specify their reporting requirements to ensure their needs would be met from go-live. Additionally, Amarillo assessed the performance of the client's Managing General Underwriters (MGUs) and developed Submission Party Sorting logic to triage them. This allowed the client to leverage system-to-system data transfer efficiencies.



The customer is currently in the process of further refinement and onboarding with Amarillo Technologies. With Fusion's capabilities and expertise, the client will have a more streamlined and efficient process to consolidate their delegated portfolio data, reducing overhead and minimising the risk of human errors.


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